Path to Equality

In Australia, more than 450 First Nations people have died in police custody since 1991, and to this day, the institutions that are told to serve and protect us are held with no accountability. These are not isolated incidents. This is white supremacy.

Violence and criminalisation has become the language of our oppressors. Indigenous, black, people of colour, the LGBTIQA+ communities around the world continue to be marginalised, ostracised, criminalised and murdered. This needs to end.

A culture can only continue to exist if we enact and participate in it. Each and everyone of us is responsible for keeping it, but this also means that we have the capacity to dismantle it. We all carry the responsibility to make this world a safer place that celebrates diversity, unity and respect. Together, let’s change this system.

Below is a directory to help you educate, support, and empower yourself in dismantling our current injustice system.

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