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Subject: Justice for Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

Hello [Minister/Name of Your MP]

I am a [Your Electorate] resident contacting you regarding the disproportionate rates of Aboriginal deaths in police custody and the racial prejudices that are present in many of these cases. I am a concerned citizen who would like to express my anger and concern over the 437 Aboriginal deaths in custody here in Australia and the abuse of police powers present within the prison system.

I want justice for the families of the victims, and as a citizen, I demand reform and further accountability on behalf of the state, and the guards and officers involved. There have yet to be any officers found guilty of any crime regarding these deaths, despite clear negligence, human rights violations and discrimination shown in cases such as the deaths of David Dungay Jr, Tanya Day and Joyce Clarke, amongst many others. Reform is achievable, with your support.

Regards,[Your Name]